Surgical and hygienic masks.

KN95 mask for adults and children.

Nitrile, latex, vinyl and polyethylene gloves.

N95 mask for adults.

Infrared and digital thermometers.

Protective glasses.

Gowns and disposable clothing.

Protective overalls.

Shoe protectors.

Face protector.

Who we are?

Since 2016 we are importers of Nitrile gloves and other types of materials. Our competitive advantage in the import and distribution of Nitrile gloves lies in our ability to distribute large quantities.

At present, imports of Nitrile gloves and sanitary material have been the most demanded products at the moment; demand has far exceeded supply.

Currently our main clients interested in Nitrile gloves are governments, institutions, multinationals, retailers and other types of clients that import gloves on a large scale.

We currently have a commercial headquarters in the United States and Asia, which gives us a competitive advantage over other importers.

Here are the most common questions and answers about importing nitrile gloves

What is the price of nitrile gloves?

The price will always vary depending on the quantities

What colors can i choose?

On request they can be imported in black, blue and gray.

Vinyl or nitrile gloves?

In the market you can find several ways to call it and define it. The most important thing will always be the quality of the materials

What characteristics does a nitrile glove have?

Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic rubber, they are normally preferred by people allergic to latex.20

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