Amoedos Healthcare is a leading company in the international trade in medical supplies, and one of the few companies with a real capacity to supply medical supplies in large quantities. Our competitive advantage lies in the ability to sell large quantities of medical equipment, due to our strategic position in the Asian market, and our associations with the best factories in the sector. Our company has years of experience, and this is why we are joined by strong commercial ties with our partners on the Asian continent.

Currently, in Asian factories dedicated to the production of medical devices, demand has far exceeded supply, which is why it is so difficult to access this market. Our main clients (governments, institutions, multinationals, retailers, etc.) come to us when the doors are closed when trying to buy products such as nitrile gloves.

-We have commercial headquarters in the United States and Asia, which gives us a great competitive advantage.

-Our partners are relevant people in the Asian continent, and have direct and personal contact with all factories, thus allowing us to streamline any process.

-We have reached distribution agreements with the best glove factories on the Asian continent, which positions us as international leaders in this sector.

-We only work with authorized factories.

-We offer payment facilities, such as letter of credit

-The business figures speak for us. By working with Amoedos Healthcare, you will be working with the leading European company in the distribution of medical equipment, with years of experience.

Amoedos Healthcare belongs to the Amoedos Solutions S.L.

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